Rate for Vacations  (Escorts & Accomodations)

What's Included?

-  Your Escort 24 hours a day
-  Accommodations in ten 4-star All-Inclusive Resorts.
-  All meals and drinks for both You and your Escort(s).
-  Local transportation for airport pick up and drop off.
- All amenities and activities in the resorts including specialty restaurants and buffets, bars, night clubs, casinos, live entertainment, water sports and available excursions. All of the above is at no additional cost to you.
The only cash you need is if you decide to visit the casino or venture outside the resort.

Rates for Most Common Vacations:
Puerto Plata  -  Punta Cana - La Romana  -  Juan Dolio -
Boca Chica  -  Santo Domingo.

RATES                            Singles                 Couples
3 Days  &  2 Nights          $ 1,950                $ 2,300

4 Days  &  3 Nights          $ 2,820                $ 3,250

5 Days  &  4 Nights          $ 3,700                $ 4,100

6 Days  &   5 Nights         $ 4,925                $ 5,031

7 Days  &  6 Nights          $ 5,590                $ 6,112

Extra Escort Duos:  $425 per 24 hours plus about $75 Resort charges for All Inclusive stay.  Transportation charges may apply.

Switch - Replace your Escort:

There is no charge for switching your escort after 24 hours but transportation charges may apply.

- Santo Domingo:              $75
- Juan Dolio/Boca Chica:    No Charge
- La Romana:                   $105
- Punta Cana:                   $150
- Puerto Plata:                  $150
- Santiago:                       $105
- Samana:                        $105

We service all resorts and villas in  Boca Chica, Juan Dolio, La Romana,  Punta Cana,  Santo Domingo,  With prior coordination, all of our ladies are available everywhere.


1-888-365-5105 or 786-207-9407
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Rates Outcalls  (Escorts Only)

Planning your own vacation with Outcall Services All-Inclusive resorts in the Carribean work differently from hotels in North America, you will not be able to get a lady into the resort unless you pre-coordinate her.   Please call me so that I can explain this more and help you so that you do not spend your vacation alone.  

Your Escort 24 hours a day.  
We will bring the escort you select to any city, location, resort, hotel or villa,  within Dominican Republic.

                 Singles      Couples       Duos
 24 Hours      $500          $700         $950

Transportation Charges Round Trip Including Airport Pick Up & Drop Off

Santo Domingo $75
Juan Dolio $0
Boca Chica $0
La Romana $150
Punta Cana $300

Special  &  Discounts

Repeat Guests:  Special Pricing in effect.

      Contact me for special pricing

      Up to 75% OFF! on your partner.