The Escorts  (click on name for Name Tab or photo for more pictures) 

Amber (1)    height 5´6¨  Age 27  Breasts  C     Middle GFE  English: Excellent    Returned

Amber 1This sultry red head is the true girlfriend you have been seeking your whole life.  She’s a warm and sincere cuddle kitten who will light up your smile around the resort and perk you up back in your bedroom.  She’s a fun relaxing lady who loves spending time with you from
reading a good book while tanning or while you work to getting out and about enjoying the sights with you.  She loves seafood, the ocean and cool nights in a hot bed.  Couples will love her. Don’t make her wait long, she wants to meet you!.

Optional Extras:  OWO/CIM,  Greek, Couples and Duos,  Some fetishes YMMV

Amber (2)    height 5´6¨  Age 27  Breasts  C     Middle GFE  English: Excellent

Amber 2Amber has a seductive and sophisticated look that drive men wild. She is an ultimate English speaking girlfriend in perfect package.  She has a she has an hot body and genuine enthusiasm. Around the resort she loves tennis, swimming, and relaxing on the beach after a great night out  In bed she is a passionate lover who will make your life worth while

Optional Extras:  OWO/CIM,  Greek, Couples and Duos,  Some fetishes YMMV

Ashley (2)    height 5´6¨  Age 27  Breasts  C     Middle GFE  English: Some   Returned

Amber 2Ashley’s the statuesque, classy and sophisticated Latina GFE you have been searching for your whole life! Around the resort she’s true girlfriend with poise and mesmerizing eyes, you will look like a million dollars with her on your arm. She’s a beach bunny fun
factory! In your bed she’s sensual, affectionate and romantic onone hand; finger licking good on the other! Treat yourself today!

Optional Extras:  OWO/CIM,   Couples ,  Some fetishes YMMV

Barbie2     height 5´5¨  Age 29   Breasts  B     Middle GFE    English: Good

Barbie2Barbie is a classy sophisticated girlfriend who will make you look good and show you the holiday of a lifetime!  She's a true GFE; very warm, sincere, fun and affectionate! She's never met a stranger and she takes great care of her friends!  Around the resort she's a high energy outdoor buff who loves staying active and enjoying the sights with you.

She loves the beach! In your bed she's a crowd pleaser who will send
you home sore and happy!

Optional Extras:  OWO/CIM,  Some fetishes Yes

Beyonce    height 5´5¨  Age 23  Breasts  C     Right GFE  English: A Little

BeyonceBeyonce is a fashion model who lives next door.  The natural beauty will make you holiday fun, sand exciting.  She is curvy fun machine.  Around the resort she´s an uplifting and sunny girlfriend who you will never forget. In the bedroom she is an high energy who is very open minded an affectionate.  Treat yourself to a dream vacation you will,be glad you did.

Optional Extras:  Couples and Duos,  Some fetishes YMMV

Canela2    height 5´0¨  Age 28  Breasts  C    Middle GFE    English: Great    New

CaterinCanela is one of our most petite ladies, proof that great things come in small packages!  Her unstoppable enthusiasm, her supermodel beauty, her great English, her explosive wild sex drive and elegant sophistication make her as indispensable as coffee in the morning.  Around the resort she’s a refined girlfriend who will make you feel like a king under her tender loving care. She’s a beach bunny! In your bed, she’s a petite little fireball with a huge enormous gigantic bang.

Optional Extras:  OWO/CIM,   Some fetishes YMMV

Caterin    height 5´6¨  Age 22  Breasts  C    Middle GFE    English: Good

CaterinCaterin is a vibrant girlfriend who will impress you with her charisma and enthusiasm! She’s a true GFE, the kind of instant sensual and sexy girlfriend that you need to fly to the tropics in order to enjoy. She’s a happy fun girlfriend who is uplifting! Around the resort she’s a fun cuddle kitten who will enjoy you as much as you enjoy her, you will wonder why you waited so long to treat yourself like a king! In your
bed she’s a passionate playmate who loves to please!

Optional Extras:  OWO/CIM, Couples and Duos,  Some fetishes YMMV

Christa    height 5´1¨  Age 21   Breasts  C        Middle GFE      English: Some

ChristaCrista is a voluptuous wildcat who will energize your holiday!  She’s a playful hottie who loves dancing and the beach.  Around the resort, she’s the total package - a true girlfriend you will love relaxing with by the pool or getting out and about exploring. In your bed she’s a naughty bad girl who loves wild fun, her sex drive is even bigger then yours!

Optional Extras:  OWO/CIM, Couples and Duos,  Some fetishes YMMV

Daisy    height 5´1¨  Age 21  Breasts  B     Middle GFE    English: Some

DaisyDaisy is a fun little hottie who will show you the best weekend of your life.  She is a total package. This fun package will make you feel rich.  She loves th beach and sports and just relaxing in cool onshore breezes.  She is a true girlfriend with whom you will instantly connect and make you not want to leave this playful lady.  She is great romp in bed and truly enjoys want she is doing.  Treat yourself very soon.

Optional Extras:  OWO/CIM,   Some fetishes YMMV

Devora    height 5´8¨  Age 23  Breasts  C     Middle GFE  English:  Good

DayanDayan is a dream come true, your perfect girlfriend who is a fun & happy toe curler. You will be amazed at her experience despite her youth, she's a big picture girl who is humble, down-to-earth and with no taboos.  She's a true girlfriend who is caring, sensual, sexy, loving and affectionate.  Around the resort she loves the beach, moonlight romance and enjoying your holiday with you side-by-side.  She loves golfing, don't leave her behind in the resort!  In your bed she's an opening minded hottie who will devour you.  She's a crowd pleaser who will give & give & give to send you home tired but happy.  Couples love her

Optional Extras:  OWO/CIM,  Greek,  Some fetishes YMMV

Edeicha    height 5´3¨  Age 29  Breasts  B     Right GFE  English: Great

EdeichaEdeicha is a a dynamic charismatic girlfriend you will love form the second you meet her.  She will welcome you as only she is able. Around the resort she is a playful girlfriend who keeps everything fun. She is an athletic hottie who love the beach and making her man happy.  She is a high energy sensual playmate in bed.  The promise f her mesmerizing smile does not disappoint.

Endeicha is pronounced "Eh-Deesh- Ah"

Optional Extras:  OWO/CIM,  Couples and Duos,  Some fetishes YMMV

Fiora       height 5´2¨  Age 25  Breasts  B     Left GFE  English: A little

FioraFiora is a tender down-to-earth girlfriend who will ignite your spark of
life! She has a tight petite athletic body and mesmerizing eyes, she’s
a delicious girlfriend who knows how to please her man. Around the
resort she’s a warm soft girlfriend who will dote on you. In your bed
she’s an oral aficionado, practice makes perfect! She’ll be ready if
that ever becomes an Olympic sport. Guests getting threesomes and
couples love her.

Optional Extras:  OWO/CIM, Couples and Duos,  Some fetishes YMMV

Gabby    height 5´5¨  Age 26  Breasts  C     Middle GFE  English: Very Good:

GabbyGabby is an open minded young lady, who is a wild extrovert an d full of fun.  She is a rare combination, a one in a million who is a sincere GFE with a dynamic personality around the resort and a naught plaything plaything in bed.  You will have a memorable vacation with her and return again and again for more. She loves the beach and swimming, dancing the the casino, Caribbean water sports and nasty sex.  Enjoy her while you are able.  Gabby also speaks a little Italian.

Optional Extras:  Greek,  Couples and Duos,  Some fetishes YMMV

Ginger     height 5´5¨  Age 22  Breasts  D     Middle GFE   English: Good

Ginger Photos Unpublished
Ginger is a curvy GFE who loves kissing.  You will love every minute with this romantic sweetheart. She loves everything from sharing private evenings to going to the discoteca and beating the casino.  Gaby love boating and deep sea fishing.  in bed she is an open minded passionate lover who will enjoy pleasing you non-stop.  Her D cups are more than a handful.  Treat yourself to a weekend you will never forget.

Optional Extras:  OWO/CIM,  Greek, Couples and Duos,  Some fetishes YMMV

Ingrid     height 5´4¨  Age 21  Breasts  C     Middle GFE  English: Some

Ingrid Photos UnpublishedIngrid is extremely slim, her chest is twice the size of the rest of
her. Ingrid is a sensual and timid looking young lady, but
timid she is not. Don't let that look fool you. Ingrid has all
the energy that a strong gentleman might desire. She weighs
almost nothing and she will climb all over you like a wild cat
in heat.

Optional Extras:  OWO/CIM,  Greek, Couples and Duos,  Some fetishes YMMV

Jazmin     height 5´6¨  Age 31   Breasts  C    Middle  GFE   English: Good

JazminShe’s perfection in a tight little package; Jazmin is classy, sophisticated, affectionate, fun, beautiful, dynamic, sexy, addictive, fulfilling, satisfying and delicious! Around the resort she’s an amazing natural girlfriend who is playful and in-the-moment. She’s a
true warm and sincere girlfriend, people will think you are on your honeymoon. In your bedroom, this beach bunny is so sexy and hot that your wildest fantasies will explode!

Optional Extras:  OWO/CIM, Greek, Couples and Duos 

Jeiny     height 5´4¨  Age 24   Breasts  DD    Middle  GFE   English: Good

JeinyJeiny is a perfect ten with a hot curvy body to die for.  She's always upbeat and you will love her eager-to-please personality.  She's a warm and caring girlfriend around the resort, people will think you are honeymooners.  She's a jogger, in bed she'll ride you for miles. You deserve a lady this wonderful, enjoy!

Jeiny is pronounced the same as "Ginny"

Optional Extras:  OWO/CIM, Couples and Duos,  Some fetishes YMMV

Kat     height 5´4¨  Age 28   Breasts  D    Right  GFE   English: Good    New

KatKat is a GFE fun machine with a hot little body, the face of an angel and the rug burns of a champion!  She’s never met a stranger, you will love every minute around the resort with her by your side.  She loves the beach, she’s very athletic and she’s a petite little hundred pounds of instant fun! She’s a true warm and sincere girlfriend around the resort and in your bedroom, Kat spices up everything and she’s everything
that makes life worth living! Don’t settle; she’s too beautiful, too sexy and too delicious to miss....

Optional Extras:  OWO/CIM, Couples and Duos,  Some fetishes YMMV


Lacy     height 5´3¨  Age 36   Breasts  D    Right  GFE   English: Great

KirsyLacy´s personality is humorous and delightful, she's great company.  It will surprise you, but her best assets are not the two eye popping (completely natural) reasons why she's a dream come true, it's her upbeat and addictive personality. She's extremely eager to please, she'll make you very happy in every way. In bed she's a dream come true with the true Latina mentality to make you feel like a king.

Optional Extras:  OWO/CIM,  Couples and Duos,  Some fetishes YMMV

Liz  height 5´6¨  Age 28  Breasts  B    Middle GFE   English: Some    New

Liz  She's a classy and elegant breath of fresh air with chiseled timeless perfect beauty, Liz is the ultimate GFE fun machine!  When you want your holiday to be special and beyond the ordinary, you need a magical lady like Liz to make life exciting again.  She spices up everything around the resort and loves the beach, instant honeymoon! However, this time your honeymoon is all about you. A bed will never look the same again....

Optional Extras:  OWO/CIM,  Greek,  Some fetishes YMMV

Nashla   height 5´6¨  Age 24  Breasts  B    Middle GFE   English: Very Good   New

NashlaShe’s fun happy girlfriend who has the sophistication of an uptown girl and the passionate heat of a latina lolita! She’s very kissable, you will get lost in her fiery red lips and she knows how to use them!  She’s a tall well-shaped athletic model who loves
everything. She is an affectionate and caring true girlfriend, around the resort you will be carefree lovers on your honeymoon.  She loves the beach and pool! In your bed she’s an insatiable hottie who loves to please her man (again and again)...

Optional Extras:  Couples and Duos

Pearl   height 5´3¨  Age 30  Breasts  C    Right GFE   English: Excellent

PearlPearl is a sensual mysterious lady with the full gorgeous lips of Lisa Marie Presley and the dazzling passion of Cleopatra the Queen of Egypt. She’s a sophisticated classy hottie with excellent English and a true girlfriend, people will think you are on your honeymoon around the resort. She loves the beach! In your bed she’s a
passionate lover who loves sex all afternoon and beyond! You will find heaven on earth when her milky white legs wrap around you...

Optional Extras:  OWO/CIM,  Couples and Duos,  Some fetishes YMMV

Pocahontas   height 5´4¨  Age 23  Breasts  B    Right GFE   English: Some    Retuned

PocahontasShe’s like the smell of wild flowers in a fresh virgin field!  Pocahontas is young and innocent, gorgeous and beautiful, sexy and sensual; perfection in human form. She’s full of energy and an instant friend, around the resort she’s a true girlfriend. Every
eye will be on her and they will know that she loves you. In your bed, she’s an intense erotic weekend you will never forget! Her passion lives up to the promise in her eyes...

Optional Extras:  OWO/CIM,  Couples and Duos,  Some fetishes YMMV

Rose   height 5´3¨  Age 22  Breasts  C     Middle GFE  English: Very Good

RoseRose is a petite athletic hottie who is proof that yummy things come in small packages! She’s a fun spontaneous girlfriend who will light up your weekend! You will want to pack her up and take her home with you! She’s the total package, a fun romantic hottie on your arm around the resort and a passionate sensual wild cat in your bedroom. Savor her wild side, she’s gratifying wicked fun all night long! The time of your life is waiting for you...

Optional Extras:  OWO/CIM,  Couples and Duos,  Some fetishes 

Yanni      height 4´11¨  Age 30  Breasts  C     Right GFE  English: Excellent

YanniShe's a fun hottie who loves being kinky!  She makes the party, her upbeat fun personality will energize you.  This is the girlfriend your mother was worried about and your friends will envy.  Around the resort she loves the beach, dancing, excursions and having fun with her man.  She has a huge appetite in bed and she's a wild and eager lover! She's very eager to please in every way and she can't get enough!  Couples love her!  She speaks four languages; excellent English plus Italian, Spanish & Creole French.

Optional Extras:  OWO/CIM,  Couples and Duos,  Some fetishes

 Yenifer     height 5´7¨  Age 32  Breasts  C     Left GFE  English: Good    New

Yenifer Yenifer is the perfect ten girlfriend that your mother was worried about!  One night with her and you will go home sore and crying.  She’s a vibrant fun lady who loves getting out and about, she is your perfect partner for every excursion that you want to do.
Her favorite one is para-sailing.  Back in the resort you will be the envy of every man alive and back in your bedroom you will know that feels like.

Yenifer is pronounced “Jennifer”.

Optional Extras:  OWO/CIM, Couples and Duos,  Some fetishes YMMV

Optional/Extra Services  -  Definitions  -  Glossary

OWO/CIM/COF - willing to perform oral variously without a condom (which requires a small additional pre-coordinated compensation)

Greek - willing to receive anal sex (which requires a small additional pre-coordinated compensation), sometimes called “Greek”

Couples/Duos - good with threesomes (two girls on one guy), with couples (a husband and wife) or a patron who is a lady.

Some fetishes, YMMV - a measure of willingness to try non-traditional activities (which requires a small additional pre-coordinated compensation)

Personality Type - This is not a quality rating.
The way a girl acts is very important and these comments hint at the girl’s general overall personality and the type of service which she will probably provide (hinting at the possible “chemistry” you will enjoy). The word “GFE” is an industry term which means “girl friend experience”. Our ladies are very warm and sincere, you’ll find them all to be true instant girlfriends who get more interesting over time instead of less

Left GFE - She’s the ideal girlfriend, she’ll dote on you and make you feel like a king. She’s very eager to please and a relaxing,affectionate and romantic cuddle kitten. She’s the very model of what it means to be tender, warm & sincere. This is the girlfriend you have been seeking all your life, you’ll be sorry to leave and you’ll want to take her with you.

Middle GFE - She can be “left” as well as “right”, it just depends on what kind of chemistry you have. She’s great for everything, you’ll find her to be very romantic in the bedroom & very vibrant around the resort. These girls are a mix of introverts and extroverts, you’ll love the nightlife in the disco but they are also soft & tender around the resort too.

Right GFE - She’s a fun loving girl who is very warm, sincere & affectionate. She’s also the life of the party, very vibrant and lively. These girls are normally big extroverts, you’ll have the time of your life with them. They will grab you by the hand and show you a fabulous and upbeat time around the resort. These ladies have a high sex drive, you’ll feel like the disco is in your bedroom!

Cross-Spectrum GFE  - These girls fit into everything, they are whatever you want them to be. They are just as warm & sincere as the other girls, you’ll find them to be wonderful & attentive girlfriends. On the other hand, they also usually have an amazing sex drive and provide excellent service.

YMMV  Your Millage May Vary  Our girls perform as advertised.  However on occasion may chose not offer a service and no fee will be accepted.

Please Note

1. All appointments must be coordinated in advance and secured by a deposit.

2. Our services are accurately described in all details (including your companion, your resort and your resort suite quality level), we do not promise false or misleading information as an inducement to obtain sales. We honor all obligations, all holidays are as good as described.

3. For best results, do not select your companion(s) based on beauty. That is only skin deep. Instead, you will enjoy yourself the most if you focus on personality and how well your chemistry will be together. We are happy to help you find your best matches, please contact us today!

4. No presented ladies smoke cigarettes. All presented ladies are light social drinkers and are of legal age to drink and gamble in the  Repúblic Dominicana (they are legally an adult and they are depicted as adults). All presented ladies enjoy kissing (sometimes DFK and sometimes not). All presented ladies are real, they look like the photographs and they have the described personalities (we do not bait-and-switch).

5. This list is subject to change and may contain inaccuracies. Every effort is made to ensure accuracy and this is an ongoing process. The information found in this roster and our websites is only informative and in no case contractual. The described activities are a “best guess” on what any given lady is likely to do. These are consensual activities which are performed between two consenting adults, this agency (and associated people / entities) is not a party to these activities. This agency (and associated people / entities) coordinates companionship only. No physical intimacy is bought, sold, promised, inferred, implied, expressed or remunerated (financially compensated).

6. The listed details should be assumed to be influenced by the chemistry between the participants, hygiene of the patron, sobriety of the patron, etiquette of the patron, funding provided by the patron and so forth. Some described activities (such as anal and cim), companionship of a couple (typically a husband and wife), an elevated frequency of sessions (beyond three acts per day) and appointments which stress impersonal intimacy over romantic companionship are critically dependent on a small additional pre-coordinated increase in the funding provided to the selected companion by the patron at the selected companion's discretion. Typically, this increase is an additional 10% per activity. Please inquire for details!

7. This list may not feature all of the available full time girls, may not contain some part time girls, may contain girls who have recently become inactive for one reason or another & may or may not reflect girls who may have been reserved by other patrons. This list is dated & frequently updated.

8. This roster is only a summary of highlighted ladies and the first step in selecting your companion. It is a handy cheat sheet on their likely activities and personality (which indicates how you will sync up and what kind of chemistry you are likely to enjoy with them). All of the presented girls have additional large photos (sometimes dozens of them). Please email us today in order to receive these photos of the girls you like!

9. Some of the presented ladies are available for international travel and cruises. Please inquire for details!

10. We do not bait-and-switch. All of our ladies are real. All of our ladies look like the photos. Absent of force majeure (an “act of god”), you will be provided with the lady you select. It is easy to observe that our photos and girls are real, most of our pictures are taken in our office and the backgrounds are largely identical. As you can see, and which should be inherently obvious, they all stood in the same spot. Additionally, we update our photos over time and photograph varying combinations of ladies. Our ladies are real and you will really get the girls you select.

11. Unless otherwise requested, your companion will wait for you in the airport arrivals reception area. Because we do not bait-and-switch, you do not need to do a lineup after leaving the controlled environment of the airport. Our ladies are very excited to meet you in the arrivals lounge, many passengers are warmly greeted like this during every flight of every day (it's what people who are happy to see each other do!)

12. We are pleased to provide you with written and verifiable medical tests for your selected companion from a licensed local medical facility. The tests will be performed within a few days prior to the start of your trip and your companion will have no intervening appointments. The tests which are performed are those which are STD applicable from blood, urine and a pap smear. This special service is an additional cost of $200 for the medical tests and processing. Please note, the written test results will be provided in Spanish. We are happy to provide a legally binding English translation for an additional fee. Please note, performing a medical test on your companion does not change the requirement for a condom.

13. To ensure quality control, we do not perform third party services for other service providers beyond our family. We provide all of the services we coordinate ourselves and our services are obtainable only though us. Additionally, photos of our ladies which are listed as providing local services in cities throughout North America (and other worldwide locations) in places such as Craig's List, Back Page and other classified advertisement websites are false advertisements. Due to the rare beauty of our ladies, the high volume of photographs for our ladies which we make available to our potential patrons and (free) newsletter subscribers and the high quality of our photographs; our portfolio is among the most stolen by bait-and-switch false advertisers world wide. Please contact us for clarification if you are worried that somebody may be trying to scam you.

14. Our high quality level makes other service providers look better than they actually are. If you select a different service provider, upon arrival, you will not find comparable quality in either ladies or accommodations and it is doubtful that you will consider your holiday a bargain.  By the same token, thank you for not judging us by the quality of the other service providers. If you choose unwisely, regardless of how crazy or bad your experience was with them, you will enjoy your next holiday with us.

15. Please arrive with the ability to pay your remaining balance, preferably with cash. We are happy to accept Dollars, Euros, Pounds and other international currencies as previously coordinated. Traveler’s Checks and Credit Cards must be coordinated in advance due to the difficulty of payment by those methods. These instruments may require as long as two hours to cash and this must be performed in a bank so your flight must arrive before 1:30PM on Monday through Friday and you must pay an additional 10-14% in bank fees. Please note, the Repúblic Dominicana is not a part of the US banking system so we do not accept personal checks or bank cashier checks because they will require approximately one month for clearance.

16. Our ladies are not concerned with your skin color, age, weight or financial status. Just treat them like they are your girlfriend and you will be amazed at how much they love you and how well they take good care of you.

17. Our prices are reliable, there is no up selling or additional charges after your arrival. Your holiday is complete in every aspect and you will get everything you expect without any funny games or surprises.

18. We provide excellent unequaled experiences, our focus is on full and well rounded companionship with high quality wonderful ladies. This is very different from what some visitors seek, mutually insulting brief interludes with a cheap whore. We have no interest in that kind of foolishness, both our prices and our services are very different from the street and brothel style of activities.

19. We are part of a family comprised of several different websites. This usually confuses people who are expecting poor services, since all of our websites contain the same ladies. That's because our ladies are real and we do not bait-and-switch. As should be clear to people who are expecting good services, different websites are designed and maintained by our family for different marketing purposes. Please contact us for clarification if you are not sure which websites are in our family and which are not, we will be happy to help you be safe and avoid scams.

20. We do not permit drug or alcohol abuse, guests who indulge in illegal substances or use alcohol excessively will have their holiday terminated without a refund.

21. Many alternate service providers bait-and-switch your ladies and facilities, which is a deplorable scam. Because they are not accurate in their description of their services, you will receive a very low quality holiday regardless of what they promised you in order to close your sale.  Their bait-and-switch of ladies and accommodations is a scam because you will not feel that you obtained a bargain or received what you paid for. Please help others by saying what happened to you with those companies. And please visit us instead so that you may enjoy the holiday you want. We do not bait-and-switch your selected ladies or your selected accommodations, you will receive everything we promise you during your visit with us.

22. We take guest safety and comfort very seriously, all of our all-inclusive beach front resorts comply with all international health and safety requirements. Our all-inclusive beach front resorts are fully insured and licensed to provide hospitality by the government.  Furthermore, they are safeguarded all day every day by third party professional security companies who are licensed and regulated by the government, international security organizations and insurance companies to ensure your safety. The food is good and safe to eat. You may walk around without a care in the world. And, yes, our beaches are as good as you are hoping.

23. Verbal and physical abuse of any sort against our ladies is not tolerated.

24. The vacation folio provided to a guest is warranted as a true representation of the data on file.  In the event of a disagreement between the copy held by the guest and company data, the data on file shall be considered correct.

Minimum Patron Behavior Standards

We are very thankful to meet most of our guests. However, as always, a few bad apples always ruin the whole barrel for everybody else. In this case, 1% of our patrons behave so poorly that we are forced to advise the other 99% (and even all of our potential patrons) about our minimum patron behavior standards. If you are part of the good 99%, this section does not apply to you and we apologize for having to discuss these issues. On the other hand, if you are a part of the 1% which we wish to eliminate, please keep the following points in mind....

1. We provide a high level of service and we request that our patrons act accordingly. The hospitality business attracts a wide range of potential patrons, we are selective as a result. Potential patrons who expect poor services, and who behave accordingly, are declined.  For best results please respect our services, our ladies, our other guests and our resorts in the same manner as which you desire to be treated yourself.

2. Our holidays are designed for people who are seeking an enjoyable, relaxing and drama-free vacation. Unfortunately, a small minority of people are not seeking a good holiday in good faith. For example, sending girls home because they squeezed the toothpaste in the middle, locking yourself in your suite in the dark without food, leaving the resort temporarily or permanent for anything other than a tourist type excursion, seeking to include or fraternize with third party people (such as street girls, unrelated guests or resort operations staff) is all inappropriate seedy behavior. To be absolutely clear for the benefit of the really crazy people, if you abandon your holiday and wander away - your holiday is terminated without refund.

3. Do not behave inappropriate in public, do not discuss any aspect of your adult holiday with anybody, do not disrespect anybody, do not arrive with a chip on your shoulder, do not treat your companion like an object or act like a rude jerk and do not create unnecessary drama. We provide honest and sincere holidays, just relax and enjoy yourself with good company in a good atmosphere. That’s the whole point of our holidays, your vacation is a great opportunity for you to rest and recharge yourself in the sun and sand with the companionship of a beautiful lady.

Companion Replacement Policy

Our ladies make a genuine effort to please and we guaranty “chemistry” (which generally implies how well you and your companion sync together). Of course, chemistry is a two way street and you must make the same effort which our lady provides in order to produce a magical holiday together. You are not purchasing property and your lady is a real person, treat her well and she will do the same for you.  There is no extra charge for the replacement of a selected lady if she isn't working out. However, chemistry is a funny thing and the hospitality industry tends to attract all kinds of bad apples, so please note the following details of our companion replacement policy... The replacement must be in a “whole day” increment. For example, an even 24 hour period would be from noon today until noon tomorrow. Replacements can be performed in partial day increments as well, but an additional fee is required due to the discount which a whole day enjoys (and which is not applicable for two partial days). 2. You may select only from available ladies for your replacement. Our appointments are booked in advance and held by a deposit, you may enjoy only ladies which are unreserved. 3. The transportation cost to bring you a new girl (and take the old one away) are paid to professional third party drivers and is not waived. The cost of transportation between Santo Domingo - Boca Chica is $60, Santo Domingo - Juan Dolio is $75, Santo Domingo - La Romana is $105 and Santo Domingo - Punta Cana or Puerto Plata is $150. There are no transportation charges for destinations inside Santo Domingo. <4. Replacements are subject to hotel resort policy, who has the final word on what is possible. Please be aware that most resorts in the Dominican Republic will not permit an exchange of registered guests. Your selected resort may require an additional fee or decline the exchange at their discretion. Transportation fees are still applicable if the hotel/resort declines to allow the switch. xxx 5. We present real people who share your holiday with you and they structure their lives in order to accommodate your holiday plans. We reserve the right to charge a consolation fee for the ladies which you reserve (and cancel) in order to compensate them for any inconveniences which they suffer through no fault of their own.

6. The chemistry problems must be related to normal kinds of issues:     There is no replacement, no refund and your girl (s) are taken away if you intentionally inflict harm/pain, deny food, take inappropriate photographs, act inappropriate due to alcohol/drugs, behave inappropriately in public and and so forth. If you are this kind of patron, thank you for pre-screening yourself.

Blacklist Information

We reserve the right to blacklist those who behave undesirably or those who seem like they will behave undesirably due to the undesirable way they deport themselves in our conversations with them.  Do not behave undesirably, those who are added to our blacklist are not removed.  The blacklist is not a punishment for poor past or present behavior, it is a tool to assist us to avoid poor future behavior, allowing us to provide the best possible level of service to desirable patrons.  We reserve the right to deny service to anybody we choose for any reason.  We reserve the right to publicly publish details of those on our blacklist and to share those details with other professional entities who also maintain blacklists. We take our blacklist very seriously and so should you.   Our quality level is such that you will want to return, it is wise to never burn a bridge which you may want to cross again

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