Fantasy Vacations  - Step by Step Instructions

1. The Affordable Adult Vacations provides high end All-Inclusive Adult Holidays.  Your erotic vacation includes your selected escorts, a 4/5-star beachfront resort with  great amenities, all of the meals and snacks you can eat  plus  all the drinks alcoholic or non! Optional settings include a private villa, smaller secluded  resorts and even a cruise on a cruise ship or private yacht.

2.  Our erotic vacations are absolutely all inclusive, we cover everything without small print.  There are no extra charges or hidden fees.  Your  flights are not included in your vacation package.

3.  A popular Affordable Adult Vacations service is OutCalls.  For nervous novices, an "OutCall" means that YOUprovide the accommodations, meals and drinks.  We provide your favorite escort for as long you wish.

All escorts are available everywhere and with every package!     (As always, NO TIPPING!)


Within few hours of receiving your Itinerary I will reply with an invoice and a detailed e-mail regarding the deposit, the balance that is to be paid and most importantly phone numbers that you have to use at any cost in case you miss your flight or our Travel Rep misses you. This is so you do not get stranded at the Airport without knowing what to do, our Travel Rep. will never leave the airport unless he meets you or unless I call  to let him know that you cancelled the trip or your flight was cancelled or delayed.

If your trip is in fact delayed we may be able to adjust your land package accordingly.   Please do not worry just call me and I will do whatever we can to help you out.  Between booking and departure you may wish to call if you have any more questions.

I suggest that you call a couple of days before your departure so that we can confirm all of the trip details. This call is important to both us.


What makes us different?
We created our adult vacations to cater to the open minded active traveller who does not want to pay highly
inflated prices for such a vacation.
You can take your vacation any time you want even on a day's notice.
You do not have to wait for a planned tour.
We operate all year around.
Our services and rates remain always the same.
The travel representative knows the people, area, culture and will
assist you with every aspect of your vacation. 

Who Stands Behind Affordable Adult Vacations?
My name is Charles and I am the owner of the company. I have over 20
years experience in the Hospitality business, where discretion and service
is the top priority. The same priorities apply here. I did not wish to enter the Internet, we
have plenty of regular clients since 1992 and believe these business is better handled in person or by
phone. After we (my employees and I) saw the increase in numbers of adult tour
companies from 2 in the 1980's to dozens today and the expensive print media advertising, the
decision to be on the web was forced upon us.

How long have you been in the Adult Travel business ?
I established my business in 1993 under the name of  "Caribbean Vacations and Conference Consultants".

Still nervous ?
In the case of Affordable Adult Vacations we can put your mind at ease.  Please remember
we have operated for 20 years. We advertise in large adult publications (and we will continue doing so) in U.S and Canada, and around the world.  Some of their top management has visited us and have written the most favorable reviews.

When is the best time of the year to visit ?
As for the weather in the Caribbean is constantly good all year round ! There is little change in temperature from winter to summer . We do not have a high or low season.

What Is Erotic Adult Vacations ?
For those of you unfamiliar with the Companion / Escort Service Industry, the above phrase is used to describe the full service provided by a M/F escort or in this case the travel companion. The adult interaction is guaranteed and leaves nothing out.

What about tipping ?
Tipping is not permitted and gifts are not allowed, with one exception.
If you visit the Casino with your companion and he or she wishes to
gamble we suggest you offer $30 to $50 ($1000RD to $2000RD).

Do you offer packages for private groups ?
Yes we do, thus the reason we offer the services free of charge of a
very experienced manager and consultant on conventions and banquets. He
will plan, set up and run your small conference, meeting or group vacation.

Does pre selection of an escort occur ?
Yes, you can see  escorts in the  photo pages.

Can I have more than one escort ?
You sure can, at $450 per 24 hours, and you can change your escort(s)
every 24 hours.

What are the girls like ?
Some of them model type, most of them nice looking everyday women. Our escorts enjoy what they are doing and like very much meeting new clients. It gives them an opportunity to earn some money and live a comfortable life. They quickly become infatuated and will enjoy your vacation with you without regard to your age or appearance. It does not matter whether you are shy and reserved and have limited financial resources. Once you warm up to each other she will be your girl friend.

We are a couple can we come ?
Yes,  you can and there is 1 escort included in your package. Of course you can engage 2 escorts any time you wish at an additional charge.

Additional costs ?
During your stay at the Resort,  everything is included for you and you escort(s) all meals as well as the bar are covered.  Activities and excursions that the resorts offer are included in your package.  The only money you need is casino money or if you decide to venture outside the resort. ( NO TIPPING - NO HIDDEN CHARGES).
Are Passports and visas required ?
A passport is necessary but not necessarily a Visa. A tourist immigration form is handed out during the flight, and is filled out by the passenger.  A second copy of the form is requested at immigration when you leave the country.

What happens if I cause trouble ?
Extreme drunkenness, disorderly behavior or use of drugs of any kind is not tolerated.

I am ready, what is the next step ?
Once you are ready check whether the dates and the escort(s) you are considering are still available. If they are, book your flights and send us your itinerary or even better call us.

How much advance time do you require for reservations ?
It is up to you! You can book last minute if everything is available, you can try to book months in advance, however your favorite escort might not be available.

What time is the Check in or Check out?
We do not have Check in or out times.  For your convenience we plan everything to fit your flights.

Escort Guarantee

We are so well run and top flight that we will do your holiday for free if we are not able to provide you with the girls that you select. That's as clear cut as it gets, we stand behind our holidays 100%. We have a lot of ladies, I know that there are a couple of perfect girls for you.  Lets figure out your main selection and your two backups and that's the exact girl(s) you will get for your holiday. That specific girl and no other. If that doesn't happen, if we don't provide you with the girls which we
promised you, you're holiday is free and we will bring the next girl who is closest to your tastes with us to the airport instead.  If you would like to keep our selection for the rest of your holiday, great!  If not, we will be happy to exchange her (free of charge) on the following day to any other lady which you select (who is available).  In either case, the resort part of your holiday remains identical.

In addition to our no tipping / upselling policy, we also protect our guests from every other conceivable form of drama.  Unlike with other service providers, our ladies will not pester you after you leave with requests for a Western Union due to fictitious family problems and assorted medical emergencies, they will not abuse your time with personal phone calls or texts, they will not sneak away and leave you companionless, they will not steal from you or set you up for a robbery, they will not lie about being on their period or having a headache, they will not spend excessive time in the bathroom, they will not flirt with
other people, they will not act bored or have an attitude, they will not cause damages or run up charges, they will not drink excessively and get drunk, they will not have bad hygiene and they will not have bad manners.  We provide high quality holidays!  Regardless of how bad your previous trips with other service providers have been, you will enjoy your vacation with us..

Booking Procedures

When you contact us we need

1. Your travel dates.
2. Your Selection*of at least 4-6 escorts in advance. 

3. Your vacation package/location or service.
  We will confirm your reservation when we have reserved your escort selection and suire accomodation-

*  For best results, it is important that you select at least 4-6 escorts in advance.  Some of our ladies may already be booked by other guests or unavailable during your visit (due to what we will call monthly personal issues).

Of your 4-6 favorites, we will get at least two or three hotties who are available to please and pamper you during your visit.  In the final runoff, the lucky lady of _your choice_will meet you at the airport when you arrive while the other girls will be booked as back ups or substitutes in case you would like to switch escorts.

Some Information

From Miami to Dominican Republic -  Flight Time: 1 hr  &  45 min.

Legal Currency:  Dominican Pesos and/or US$.

Passport Required.  Very safe and secure country!




1. You must have firm travel dates for us to check your resort and companion availability.
2. Select your package
3. Select your escort(s) 
4. Call us with your selections, toll free 1-888-365-5105. We give you the OK (once we confirm your lady and save you a good suite.)
5. Buy your plane ticket from your local Travel Agent or online travel website.
6. Send us your flight information
7. We will send you our invoice and airport pick up details.


1. We pick you up at the airport with the escort, look for your companion and the sign with your FIRST name  in the arrivals lounge.
2. A  drive to the resort.  Your Travel  Rep. will answer any questions You have.
3. We provide you with Private sit down V.I.P check in.
4. You pay the balance discretely.  Before the Travel Rep. leaves, he/she will make sure everything is as promised.
5. We stay in constant contact with you throughout your trip to keep everything great.
6. On the departure day, our driver will pick you both up at the appropriate time and drop you off at the airport (as well drive your companion home).

It's very easy to enjoy a wonderful holiday with us! These are all of the steps and all of them are only a few minutes each.
Everything from start to finish is so easy that you can just call me right now at 1-888-365-5107 and I will take care of everything for you.



Deposits:   Money Order - Bank Draft/Cashiers Check - Bank Transfer - Bank Deposit - Interact Transfer.
                 The Deposit amount is less than 1/3 of your Vacation total.  Enough to cover part of the Resort cost.

                For OutCalls deposit is minimal, depending your location and driving distance to meet you.

                Balance after Arrival:  Cash USD $  - EUROS.

Affordable Adult Vacations has just contracted with an International Property Management company to accept our booking deposits.  The company can process ACH, or account to account, transfer payments from any US bank account.  In addition company will receive wire transfer payments for our guests not resident in Canada or the United States.

When we coordinate your reservations (which is what happens for"incalls" / "Affordable Adult Vacations trip"), we do that at our actual cost so our rates are usually better than the internet travel websites. We use your deposit to pre-pay the resort.
However, we are happy to use your reservations, your own resort/accommodations instead, just make them for two with your resort/hotel! and call us for an OUTCALL SERVICE.

That's it, everything is simple and easy all resort reservations must be pre-paid by us when we lock in your holiday in the resort.  Your deposit is used to pay the resort cost which sometimes is even greater than your deposit.

If you elect to secure your own resort reservations (OutCalls) we are happy to reduce our deposit requirement to a much smaller amount (which is just enough to let us know that you are serious about your trip).  We'll still meet you at the airport (even if your flight is delayed) and you'll still have the honeymoon of your life with your same selected companion.

We know that many first time patrons are nervous about reserving a trip like this and we're happy to work with you in this regard. This is easy to remedy if you coordinate   your resort / your own
accommodations  directly!

However, please keep in mind that every resort has it's own set of rules and regulations and some of them are much more restrictive than others allowing outside guests/escorts.  Please keep us in the loop every step of the process so that we can make sure everything works out well. So if you do your own accommodations, you do at your own risk.

Groups of 3 or More

Groups of three or more persons/couples will be asked for a preliminary payment to cover the extra work involved in the group reservation.  The payment will be applied to reduce the required Booking Deposit.  The group discount(s) applies and the net payment remains the same.  Group vacations can take several hours to verify vacation details.  When I make a statement concerning the vacation, I can back up that statement with facts that we just required.  That is the group can trust my response is fact based.  Would you want anything less?


We have a no tipping policy.  Our ladies are the best paid on the island
and receive a separate payment as tips.  There is an exception to it.
If you go to the Casino we suggest that you give the escort some money
to play.  If she wins she will be very grateful to you.

-  Your Escort 24 hours a day.
-  Accommodations in ten 4-star All-Inclusive Resorts.
-  All meals and drinks for both You and your Escort(s).
-  Local transportation for airport pick up and drop off.
-  All amenities and activities in the resorts including specialty
   restaurants and buffets, bars, night clubs, casinos, live entertainment,
   water sports and available excursions.

Best Direct Flights to DR:

USA:Washington DC (DCA) - Fort Lauderdale (FLL) - Miami (MIA) - Atlanta (ATL)
        Boston (BOS) - New York (JFK & EWR)- Houston (IAH)
CANADA:Toronto (YYZ) - Montreal (YUL) - Calgary (YYC)
EUROPE:  UK  -  France  -  Germany  -  Spain  -  Italy 

Email Address

This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


 1-888-365-5105 or 786-207-9407
Ask for AAV - Charles

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